Why Your Business Should Try Telematics Now!

K. Griffin
2 Minutes

The Year For Telematics!

The word telematics, originating from the French word télématique – an amalgamation of the French words télécommunications (telecommunications) and informatique (computer science) – is anything relating to sending or receiving information, in relation to the control or reading of a remote object or automotive vehicle. The range of applications for telematics devices and services are huge and span from military marine vessel tracking through to road freight and consumer insurance. In the UK, telematics are being used as a way to monitor driver behaviour and offer lower premiums subject to a safer and more economical driving guideline being adhered to. With the number of commercial vehicles / fleets on the road in Europe being at an all-time high, telematics are also becoming widely recognised as a smart and integral component within tracking and management platforms.

Who’d have thought that tracking the every movement of a vehicle could lead to savings on fuel or prevention of accidents? For a brief outline of the benefits of telematics, please see below:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Less Running & Maintenance Costs
  • No more time sheets!
  • Improved Road Safety
  • Optimised Vehicle Performance
  • Enhanced Security

The list goes on. If you use mobility as a fundamental part of your business, statistically, fuel will be among the top three highest expenses, so even a marginal reduction can mean the difference between profit or loss on certain jobs, let alone an up to 20% saving!

ULU offers an end-to-end solution, encapsulating all of the above for a low cost monthly figure.

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