We build
products & businesses

At Velio we build stuff from the ground up. From next-generation products for business who seek to outsource product design and manufacturing, to even entire companies we incubate ourselves if we feel we can make a difference.


At Velio we incubate companies, invest in entrepreneurs and build products from the ground up. 

Over the past 10 years we have gained great expertise within our own infrastructure framework. We can facilitate our client’s electronic product design, manufacturing, develop software platforms and manage supply chain channels and distribution. We leverage our network to support our clients in launching exciting projects and new companies.

Velio, Velio Ventures and Velio Technologies is a registered brand and trading name of Beltec Holding B.V.


Velio incubates and invests in companies with proven business models within our specialization scope. 

We believe that specialization is central to achieving the best results. Velio is a sector-specialist investment and product development platform with expertise, connections and capabilities to create long-term value in automotive technology and IoT businesses.

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Please contact us and feel free to send us a pitch-deck if you think we can help.

“We deliver a unrivalled expertise in everything from product design and engineering to manufacturing and fulfillment.“

Christian Kerssens, CEO