Velocity™ Platform

Our bespoke service which gives companies a platform from which to develop, launch and deliver products by leveraging our expertise and financial resources.

Who Can Benefit From Velocity™?

Velocity™ is great for businesses that seek to outsource end-to end product management. Whether you're just starting out with a concept, or need a way to scale up your current product lines; we can help deliver the resources and experience to make it happen.

The Service Framework
Design & Engineering
VELIO has a highly experienced, in-house design and engineering team based in China which have comprehensive experience in the developing enterprise-grade quality products. The team is strategically placed to leverage China's manufacturing ecosystem.
Sourcing & Manufacturing
As a direct result of sourcing and manufacturing in Asia over a period of 10 years, VELIO has been able to set up great relationships with many different suppliers and factories. This experience means that we are well positioned to secure the best deals.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Utilising our own in house partners, we are able to fulfil products directly to end users via our distribution network. We have been supplying product into the European market for many years and able to process, clear and deliver at rapid rates.
Trade Finance
One of the main barriers to scaling quickly is that companies struggle to finance their own manufacturing runs. VELIO offers affordable trade finance which will mean that the main focus can pivot to selling.

Big Data Analytics.

Having a lot of data is valuable to optimise processes. The platform combines various data sets and sources to create valuable suggestions in order to optimise processes.

Understanding the processes accurately and timely are crucial in a world with business critical supply chain challenges. The Velocity platform manages these risks by analysing data so you can be one step ahead.

VELIO's services help companies develop and scale their products

If you are starting out with a brand new, innovative concept or need to leverage our platform to scale up rapidly, get in touch today!