Mobility & Fleet Management Provider

ULU develops connected solutions that assist automotive stakeholders better manage their fleets and services.

A global connected fleet

Connecting Automotive

‍ULU specialises in delivering telematics data in various formats; both processed and raw. This empowers companies to create value added applications that leverage location data to benefit their customers

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In-House tracking hardware & accessories

VEL10 + VELPRO (2G & 4G)

ULU has extensive knowledge in design and development of IOT tracking hardware for automotive applications.

Solutions include:

- Plug & Play
- Advanced Blackbox
- Driver Identification
- Sensor Management & Tracking
- Dashcam

Fleet Management SAAS

Providing services to the Benelux region since 2015, Cartracker is an established fleet services provider including mileage logging and fleet tracking.

Mileage Logging

Self employed drivers are able to take advantage of tax benefits if their business/private mileage is accurately tracker and logged.

Real Time Diagnostics

Real time diagnostic codes alert vehicle owners to potential issues; reducing downtime and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Enhanced Driving Behaviour

Fleet owners gain access to a wealth of driving behaviour statistics like braking, cornering, idling and acceleration; keeping drivers accountable.

Fuel Savings

Vehicle idling can lead to unnecessary fuel expenditure. This time frame can be recorded and optimised by analysing via regular reports.

Live Location

Real time live location provides fleet managers with greater workforce oversight; improving productivity and response time.


Dashcams record trips and save important incidents such as aggressive bumps or accidents real-time. This is useful for insurance claims and evidence.

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